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Air Compressors - 3 Types of Air Compressors

Air compressors are mechanical devices that increase the pressure of the air or liquid gas by decreasing its volume. An air compressor is also a specialized kind of refrigerant gas compressor. It has various applications and is used to increase the flow of gas in a low pressure system or to increase the flow of gas in a high pressure system. The compressors can also be classified into two main categories as electric compressors and mechanical compressors such as at .

One of the most common types of air compressors is the single-stage reciprocating compressor. It has one primary drive unit, which can be switched to operate in reverse. In this type of compressors the discharge pressure is much lower than the intake pressure. This type of compressors generally has a lower cost of operation than the other types.

The two other main types of compressors are the two stage air compressors and the multi-stage compressors. The two stage air compressors have a variable-throttle control and are useful in applications where very high pressure is required. They generally have a larger storage capacity than the single-stage compressors. The storage capacity is measured in cubic feet per hour (CFU) or cubic yards per minute (CFM). Air compressors with CFM capacity are more commonly used for industrial purposes.

The two-stage compressors are controlled via a variable-throttle pump that allows them to operate at different pressures. Once the desired pressure is reached, the throttle shuts off and the pump then pumps the air to the needed locations. This is the most complex and energy-inefficient type of compressor. However, they are used in applications where high pressure pumping is required, such as oil wells or sewage plants. They generally require frequent shut-off breaks because of their high power consumption.

The rotor compressor types generally come in one of three forms. The first is the vane pump, which has a movable inner chamber and a movable outer ring. The outer ring moves with the rotational motion of the inner chamber, increasing the pressure inside the inner ring. There are disadvantages to the vane type including the difficulty of lubrication and the tendency for the pump to become overworked and burn out. Vane compressors also tend to be noisy.

Finally, there are the permanent magnet motor compressors and the direct drive motor types. The permanent magnet motor is powered by a magnet that contains permanent magnet particles. A similar effect is achieved when electricity passes through the conductive pads of a permanent magnet motor. The only difference between these types is that the power source is not necessarily from a battery but may come from a separate power source such as a generator. Find used diesel air compressor for sale here.

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